Newsletter #4 Proyecto IDUNN: Presentando Thor

We are introducing our new tool: THOR!

THOR, part of the IDUNN project, is a real-time analytics tool designed for threat prediction and analysis. It gathers data from embedded sensors, social networks, and web sources, leveraging AI-driven techniques to identify cybersecurity risks. THOR transforms this data into actionable insights, facilitating intrusion detection and threat analysis.

Key Features:

  1. Data Collection: Gathers real-time data from sensors and social platforms.
  2. Vulnerability Intelligence: Collects data from the web to identify cybersecurity risks.
  3. Threat Analysis: Transforms data into insights for intrusion detection.


IDUNN Tasks for THOR:

  1. Data Crawling: Designed a high-performance architecture for data collection.
  2. AI-driven Search Engine: Created a platform to gather dark web data using machine learning.
  3. Anomaly Detection: Developed modules for anomaly detection using ML techniques.
  4. Smart Fuzzer: Developed AI-based models for discovering vulnerabilities.
  5. Verification: Validated the forecast analysis engine and interoperability.

THOR offers a robust solution for real-time threat analysis, aiding in cybersecurity defense.

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