GAIA participates in the exploration of Mazovia's Innovative Landscape through EXCITE

From January 29th to 31st, 2024, GAIA together with the EXCITE consortium, which includes a representative from PEER Group GmbH, undertook a three-day business trip to investigate the Mazovian region near Warsaw. The purpose of the trip was to explore Mazovia's vibrant economy, with a focus on various sectors such as Green Energy, Smart Grid, Smart City initiatives, Business System Solutions, Industry 4.0, Fin-tech, Med-tech, Aerospace, GIS, Environmental Protection, and Agriculture.

During the mission, Mazovia Cluster ICT (MCICT), a key national cluster, played a central role by hosting the EXCITE delegation. The three-day itinerary comprised informative sessions, company visits, and networking opportunities. Notable events included startup presentations at the MCICT office and visits to CEZAMAT, the Energy Clusters Network (ECN), and the Mazovian Energy Agency. These activities provided a comprehensive overview of Mazovia's innovation ecosystem.

A highlight of the agenda was the presentations by a diverse range of Polish startups associated with MCICT. Companies such as Viva Drive, Solhotair Technology, Arvena, Mywallet, Masta Solutions, and GLP showcased their expertise in areas such as smart mobility and renewable energy technologies.

Site visits to institutions like CEZAMAT and the ECN's combined heat and power plant offered insights into Mazovia's advancements in sustainable energy solutions. The visit to the Mazovian Energy Agency emphasized the region's commitment to environmental protection.

Overall, the business mission provided valuable insights into Mazovia's economic diversity and potential. Hosted by MCICT, it featured a mix of informative sessions, startup presentations, and site visits, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants. Special thanks were extended to MCICT and its members for their contributions.

The mission marked the culmination of the EXCITE project, which aimed to enhance cluster management and facilitate strategic partnerships through the ClusterXchange system. The project focused on digital transformation skills, processes, and services to support clusters and their members in accessing global markets. Participants in organized business delegations received financial support for travel expenses, enabling them to explore innovative regions and engage in networking opportunities.