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If you know anything about Erasmus+ projects then you probably know that we take pride in what we do and try to share the project results with as many people as possible. One way that enables us to do so is via the so-called project Multiplier events: an official event to celebrate the project results within each partner country.

The DTAM Multiplier events will be organized in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and a final event in Spain. These events will present the main achievements of the DTAM project namely:

  • Digital Transformation Skills Index: a clear Index of the competencies and skills (both technical and transversal) needed by technicians at EQF levels 4-5+ working with ICT-enabled Advanced Manufacturing (AM) technicians;

  • DTAM Training Methodology: a dedicated learning framework with a variety of learning challenges and opportunities for collaborative-based learning, e-learning, blended learning, and access to hands-on learning via (remote) IoT labs;

  • Teacher Trainer Manual: an integral guide to the DTAM curriculum for future H/VET staff who would like to deliver the training as part of formal accredited training in IVET and CVET courses;

  • The DTAM Training Course: consisting of approximately 25 training units on digital and transversal skills relevant for IT and OT technicians in AM environments that contribute to the major areas of Industry 4.0 and the foreseen sections of Big Data, Machine Learning, Sensors and Cybersecurity;

  • Digital self-evaluation tool: a unique online self-diagnosis tool of technical (digital) competencies that translates results into an overview of areas for future development;

  • DTAM IoT Hub: a developed IoT digital ecosystem with an aim to build on the e-learning experience, enabling remote learners with fewer resources to have the opportunity to access quality technology and equipment via the e-learning platform.

Sounds interesting? Come and meet us! Please visit our official website's events section to get the details about each of the events. We certainly hope to see you there! 


Join our EU-wide DTAM celebration webinar



We are on a mission to grow a workforce of technicians capable of understanding, installing, configuring, monitoring, analysing, transferring data and maintaining digital systems in advanced manufacturing environments so meeting a critical skills gap in EU Industry 4.0. 

What if education in VET can be both innovative and attractive? It can! Join us to learn how to become part of the DTAM IoT Hub and witness how VET schools can better upskill and reskill their students' competencies in key areas like IoT, Big Data, and Cybersecurity.

So in case, you can't join any of our face-to-face events, we got you covered: how about joining our EU-wide event online? The webinar is scheduled for
October 23, 2023 @3:00 PM CET and will also celebrate the European Vocational Skills Week 2023, as well as the European Year of Skills. The event will be freely accessible to anyone by a special broadcast via the DTAM project's official Facebook page




The DTAM project


In case it has been a while since you last checked upon us, it is probably worth saying what’s all this about right?

“An Integral Training Curriculum for EU technicians to deploy and manage digital tools in Smart Manufacturing” or DTAM for short, is a 3-year international project financed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. It came as a result of the recognized need for initial and adaptive training for both operational and ICT technicians to face the emerging technological and digital transformation inherent in evolved manufacturing processes. Therefore, DTAM aims to deliver a new curriculum in digital transformation dedicated to the quality training of mid-high-level technicians in key enabling technologies for Advanced Manufacturing. Our flexible multidisciplinary modular training with access for learners to a network of remote IoT labs will help grow a workforce of technicians capable of understanding, installing, configuring, monitoring, analyzing, transferring data, and maintaining digital systems in advanced manufacturing environments.

We totally invite you to learn more about the project by visiting our official website or by just watching the video summary of the project below.



Keep an eye on us


In the coming months we will be updating you with all the interesting stuff going on with the DTAM project, and believe us, there is indeed a lot going on. So in case you don’t want to wait until the next newsletter, we totally invite you to learn more about our ambitious DTAM initiative and learn how you can benefit from it by:

  • Downloading the official presentation of the project available by clicking on the button below;

  • You may also visit our official website, where we post interesting content on a regular basis;

  • Follow us on social media to engage with us and other fellow associates directly.








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