Collaboration between Industry and the Academic world in the Cybersecurity Field

Cybasque (group Gaia) and Basque Cybersecurity Center, together with Mondragon Unibertsitatea and some VET Centres visited Cardiff (Wales) to seek collaborations.

The aim of the trip was to get to know the cybersecurity ecosystem formed by the education centers, institutions and specialized companies. During the visit they met with the regional government representatives, the University of Cardiff representatives and the managers of the companies Thales and Purecyber. Moreover, he had the opportunity to attend the launching of a partnership event between Airbus and the University of Cardiff about excellence in socio-technical cybersecurity.

Currently, Wales is considered one of the most important innovation poles in cybersecurity. In this aspect, it is worth mentioning the collaboration between the public and private sectors, and the proximity between the companies of the sector and the academic institutions, as this assures outstanding professionals, according to the necessities of the industry, that help develop this sector in Wales.