VULCANUS IN EUROPE 2024-2025. Host a Japanese intern and get a new input into your R&D projects

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (a joint venture between the Japanese Government and the European Commission) is inviting applications from EU based companies to host Japanese trainees for 7 months, from 19 August 2024 (*), through the 'Vulcanus in Europe' scheme.

The trainees come from leading Japanese universities and are students in engineering, IT, biology, chemistry, and other scientific/high-tech fields.
They will be able to communicate in your company’s local EU language.

EU Company’s advantages: a valuable addition to the R&D workforce and an insight into the Japanese culture, extremely useful for successful business with Japan.

- Application deadline: 23 September 2023
- Video:
- Information & application form:
- Contact: Margherita Rosada on +32 2 282 3715 or by e-mail:

(*) 6 months, from 19 September 2024, if your national law allows max 6-month traineeships

To facilitate better matches between students seeking placements and companies offering placements, this year we plan to publish the name, country and field of activities of companies who are planning to apply to host one or more Vulcanus students.
This way, students who are interested in a placement at a particular company will be motivated to apply.
If you would like us to include your company’s details, please find more information in the first page of the application form (
This step is not compulsory, but recommended. It does not create any commitment. It merely shows your intent to apply to host a student.
To apply, you would still need to submit the official online Vulcanus application (