Call for interest - European based-solutions for public space protection

We are sharing with you the call for interest of the EU project SHIELD4CROWD, which aims to list European based technological solutions to improve the protection of public spaces against crowd management security threats with a view to sharing them with public and private authorities and European public purchasers.

💡The call is open until 20 January 2023.

The aim of the project is to identify the new technologies that can meet these needs (Coordinated attacks; Drone & CBRN threats; Public panic situations in planned major event; Overcrowded area threats; Unplanned incidents threats; Cold weapons threats; Firearm threats; Explosive threats; Public panic situations in daily life; Unattended items (Open this link to learn more about these security threats) and draw up a public catalogue.

The catalogue of solutions selected as part of the SHIELD4CROWD Call for Interest will make the solutions visible at European level to authorities and potential public buyers.

The most relevant solutions will be the subject of a PCP procedure that may lead to acquisitions or to enable a high TRL to be achieved quickly (through further European funding).


📌 In a few words:

Deadline: 20 January 2024 23:59 CEST

Where?: on the webpage

Project coordinated by the SNCF and in partnership with the Spanish, Slovak and French Ministries of the Interior, DigInnov, Polish Platform, , MUXLEY, SAFE, ISEMI and CORVERS.

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