2 weeks remaining to apply to SECURIT Open Call #2

The deadline to submit the applications on the FundingBox platform is on March 14th 2023.


Please find here below the information to be shared among your ecosystems (repost/retweet) :


If your SMEs plan on applying and do not have any partner yet, there are still options for them to find partners :

  • the online mapping of security solutions to get visible and identify partners in the security and cybersecurity domains,

  • Send partner request (with expertise/project idea/need for partner) to the SecurIT consortium to do “manual matchmaking” with SME that are members among the project cluster partners.

You can find here below a list of European SMEs looking for partners. If you feel that a SME could fit to their needs/project idea, feel free to reach out.








We develop an OS for IoT / EdgeComputing applications. As our OS is "secure by design" we ensure that the applications running on it are also highly secure (and also efficient and flexible). An ideal partner would be an IoT solutions company, which would consider using their solution in conjunction with our OS.





EONEF aims to democratize the use of tethered balloons for environmental projects.
Our tethered helium balloons enable people to reach heights over long periods of time to observe, send or receive information over large areas.
Our objective is to promote the use of tethered balloons by making them ergonomically, operationally and financially accessible.
Our applications include: - aerial observation and surveillance - forest fire detection and monitoring - air quality and pollutant measurements - biodiversity monitoring - telecommunication bubble - industrial accident supervision - carrying payloads at height (innovation projects, onboard system qualification, scientific programs). In early 2023, EONEF became the environmental subsidiary of the aeronautical industrial company A-NSE. We benefit from a range of balloons proven on military markets, industrial production lines, a flight test center dedicated to balloons and the know-how of an experienced team ultra-passionate about balloons.
Coordination of rescue teams and multi-channel alert sending to populations in case of disaster (flood, fire, etc.) using a tethered balloon.
Expected partners:
We are looking for partners in the field of telecommunications specialized in crisis management.
We are looking for a partner who can provide this type of system:
- Solutions of telco bubble specialized in civil security: firemen, police, intervention team
- Population alert system: sound alert, sending of massified sms
- 4G or 5G bubbles

If you work in the field of civil security, with emergency response teams, or on topics of population alert, please contact me.




ATEM has a Business Unit dedicated to security domain. We propose automatic perimeter detection solutions thank to radar sensors to enhance the security of sensitive sites. We supply the radars with this software easily integrated to VMS and all the services: simulation to estimate the number of radar required for the project, the survey to optimize the number of radars, their cover capabilities, the height of the radars... and the commissioning with the calibration of all the radars. We have developed a prototype (RAMSES) to create an integrated security solution which has more than 1 week autonomy and the ability to select the precise localization of the radar without engineering works thanks to a trolley and a removable mast. We would like to push this concept and way forward from a prototype to a product with these following assets:
- Only 1 operator
- Remote Radar calibration
- Autonomy of the solution mostly thanks to renewable energy
- All the elements of the solution have to be transported within a light utility vehicle: removable mast, cabinet, energy system, radar…
Expected partners:
We are looking for partners to help us to make this product more competitive and our future partners must be interested in selling this product. The profile could be the following:
- Mast designer to make it smaller, lighter and quick to set-up
- Renewable energy actor: supplier of renewable energy system and the management (optimization) of the energy within the product
- Network design authority: design of the computer architecture, integration into a cabinet, optimization of the consumption of the system, modem to share secured data…




Technology expertise in Blockchain, Machine Learning, Augmented
Analytics and Automation, increase our R&D footprint through EU financed programmes
and drive the exploration of new opportunities and innovations for our Government
As Ireland’s Only Gov-Tech digital transformation specialist, has been delivering
future-proofed citizen access and operational efficiency, to Government agencies within
transport, environment, health and energy, in Ireland & the UK for 17 years.




What we do :
Ukpik is a SaaS platform of video analysis, based on our proprietary algorithms. It allows, to recognize situations on a video stream, to classify video between false and true alarms, to monitor cameras and areas.
You can configure scenarios for each caméras (Avoid detection between a time period, avoid detection in a certain part of the video...).
We are also working on tailor made AI solution on other subjects (prediction, detection..etc) for industry and big companies.

What we are looking for :
We want to improve Ukpik with new use cases. It can be to improve our algorithms to embedded it on hardware (drone, camera...etc)
We can also work on cybersecurity use case, where AI could significantly improve the efficiency of a solution.



The SecurIT consortium partners are at your disposal for any further request:


Léo Benedetti

Junior European project manager

Site Nano-Innov – Bât 863

2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert CS70005 91127 PALAISEAU Cedex

Cellphone : (+33) 7 71 60 99 50

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