Applying for Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructures of VITALISE Project

VITALISE project grants free Transnational Access to external researchers from multiple disciplines to the project’s Livings Lab Research Infrastructures. The external researchers approved for Transational Access will have the opportunity to conduct research studies in the available infrastructures and be granted Virtual Access to datasets collected during the Joint Research Activities of the project for further analysis. The provision of Transnational Access will be implemented through three (3) Open Calls that will be conducted in the following months: (i) March 2022, (ii) December 2022 and (iii) May 2023.

The external researchers applying for Transnational Access to the project’s Research Infrastructures are encouraged to join one of the project’s Joint Research Activities (JRAs) and perform research in a similar topic in order to collaborate with some of the consortium partners. The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) bring together researchers from different Living Labs in collaborative projects for three different domains in Living Lab Health and Wellbeing research, i.e.: (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments.

What should I do to apply?

You just discovered that VITALISE project opens up seventeen (17) Living Lab Research Infrastructures for Transnational Access to external researchers and as a researcher (individually or with your team) you want to explore this opportunity and submit a research proposal to cunduct experiments to the infrastructures.

What should you do next?

Follow the steps to ensure a successful application: