We are pleased to inform you that the international seminar "The smart city project - the building block of digital transformation" that was organized on 28.04.2022 by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and University of Library Science and IT has finished with success.

It was a stage of the ongoing international project №:2020-1-BG01-KA202-079071 
"Smart skills for smarter cities", funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and supported by members of the cluster and the Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development Department at the Sofia Municipality. 

Over 50 participants had the opportunity to be in Launchee Center in Sofia to meet the panelists from Innovative Sofia, GATE Institute, ARIES Transilvania, RISK Electronics, ECQA, Austria, and IDEC, Greece and to listen to their discussions.

Most of the participants in the event were representatives of smart city stakeholders, students and those who are interested in smart city technologies, 
challenges and good practices.

The participants' attention was drawn on the needs of professional knowledge and skills to improve the efficiency of digital transformation of cities and on the role of three new professions directly concerned with the developing, managing and implementing smart city projects.

For those who are interested to view the presentations of our panelists, click on the links below:

We also thank to our moderators Milena Koleva and Christian Filipov from 
More about the project and the planned outputs and deliverables everyone can find on the project website 

ed on national and European levels.

Author: CSKC