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Órganos de Gobierno

Asamblea General





The General Assembly represents the Association’s governing body, and is made up by the totality of its Partners. The Annual Assembly is the meeting point between partners, as well as a meeting point with other relevant groups.

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Board of Directors




Annual Meetings

The Board of Directors is the Association’s permanent managing body, and is made up of a maximum of 21 elected vocal members of the Assembly and GAIA’s CEO.

All Board of Directors members are elected for a period of two years in Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assemblies, and meet an average of 10 times a year.

Gaia Board of Directors


Elena Zárraga


Jose Antonio Echazarra


Aitor Alzola

Mikel Idirin SoCe SYSTEM-ON-CHIP ENGINEERING, S.L. logo soce system-on-chip engineering, s.l. SEGMENTO A
Electrónica <51
Isabel Busto INFORMÁTICA’68, S.A. logo informática’68, s.a. SEGMENT E
ICT >51 Workers
Antonio Lázaro IDOM CONSULTING, ENGINEERING & ARCHITECTURE, S.A.U. logo idom consulting, engineering &amp; architecture, s.a.u. SEGMENT I
C&I Companies – Sector Tractor Groups
Felipe Navarro GTS- THAUMAT XXI, S.A. logo gts- thaumat xxi, s.a. SEGMENTO A
Electrónica <51
Nieves Alcain ALECOP, S. COOP. logo alecop, s. coop. SEGMENTO B
Electrónica >51
José Ramón Ribate ELECTRO ILUNBE, S.A. logo electro ilunbe, s.a. SEGMENTO B
Electrónica >51
Hugo Baroja ORMAZABAL PROTECTION & AUTOMATION, S.L.U. logo ormazabal protection &amp; automation, s.l.u. SEGMENTO C
Grupos Tractores Sectoriales
Jon Sierra IKOR SISTEMAS ELECTRÓNICOS, S.L. logo ikor sistemas electrónicos, s.l. SEGMENTO C
Grupos Tractores Sectoriales
Pablo Ayala INNOVAE AUGMENTED REALITY AGENCY, S.L. logo innovae augmented reality agency, s.l. SEGMENT D
ICT <51 Workers
Unai Extremo VIRTUALWARE 2007, S.A. logo virtualware 2007, s.a. SEGMENT D
ICT <51 Workers
Covadonga Herrero DEUSTO SISTEMAS, S.A. logo deusto sistemas, s.a. SEGMENT E
ICT >51 Workers
José Ignacio del Rio IBERMÁTICA, S.A. - GRUPO IBERMÁTICA logo ibermática, s.a. - grupo ibermática SEGMENT F
Sector Tractor Groups
Esteban Barrenetxea IKEI RESEARCH & CONSULTANCY, S.A logo ikei research &amp; consultancy, s.a SEGMENT G
Consulting and Engineering Companies <51
Igor Garrido CAF TURNKEY & ENGINEERING, S.A. logo caf turnkey &amp; engineering, s.a. SEGMENTO H
Empresas Consultoría e Ingeniería >51
Pedro Gurrutxaga ONDOAN, S.COOP. - GRUPO ONDOAN logo ondoan, - grupo ondoan SEGMENTO H
Empresas Consultoría e Ingeniería >51
María Odriozola SAYMA CONSULTORES, S.A. logo sayma consultores, s.a. SEGMENTO H
Empresas Consultoría e Ingeniería >51
Javier Múgica SPRI – GOBIERNO VASCO logo spri – gobierno vasco Strategic Ally
Aitor Alzaga IK4 RESEARCH ALLIANCE logo ik4 research alliance RVCT [Basque Network for Science and Technology] Representative
Tomás Iriondo GAIA logo gaia Chief Executive Officer

Structuring Committees and Specific Committees




Annual Meetings

The Association has three Structuring Committees and two Specific Committees, which are defined according to the business activity subsectors of its Partners. The Partners participate in the definition of GAIA’s action lines and plans through their involvement in these Committees.

The Committees’ general objective is to address specific issues in each Subsector in an orderly manner and with continuity, so they can be presented to GAIA’s Board of Directors, if required, and be finalised by the Board’s Executive Team.

There are currently three Structuring Committees:

  • Information and Telecommunication Systems
  • Electronics
  • Consulting and Engineering

And the following Specific Committees are working:

  • ERP
  • Video Games