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The strategy of the company is the commitment of the organisation to analyse events, evaluate results and to promote initiatives structured by work intervals GAIA, every four years, carries out a “deep thinking introspection” so as to, collectively and structurally, review progress as well as weight up, analyse and adjust the objectives and evolution guidelines of the Electrical Technology, IT, Communications and Gaming Cluster

The current document is the outcome of this screening and collective thinking process and collects- altogether taking into consideration the context evolution and the overall balance for the period that compressed the previous strategic plan 2013-2016- the challenges and general performance guidelines for the 2017-2020 period.

This proposal identifies the strategic Initiatives both from Gaia Electronic Technology, IT, Communications and Gaming Corporate Sector as from the Cluster itself, its configuration and operating performance


You can also view our Stretegic Plan 2013-2016

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